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Can FIRs Fight the Virus?

Even as scientists scramble to find a cure or, at the very least, a vaccine against COVID-19, British researchers are noting vital findings in the use of Far Infrared Rays against the virus COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we live and work. With so many people falling ill and hospitals racing against time and […]

Weight Loss Without the Workout

Can Far Infrared Rays help you win the Battle of the Bulge with virtually no effort at all? Staying fit and healthy can be a challenge in these pandemic-ridden times when everyone is being told to stay home and shelter in place. Most gym junkies are getting restive and, alas, are also getting fat. The […]

Young entrepreneur bags exclusive distributorship deal for Vital Dome beauty, wellness product in PHL

Entrepreneurs are generally known to be the trailblazers in their field and take the road less traveled. They’re often not in a rush as far as making critical decisions are concerned and take the necessary preparations and steps before taking that big leap. As far as I3 Chief Executive Officer and Chief  Innovator Katherine Alejar […]