We talk about how proper breathing goes a long way to help you stay healthy

Have you ever found yourself somewhat breathless after sending a critical email or finishing a difficult task at work? Chances are that you were unconsciously holding your breath the whole time you were working. While this is a natural reaction to a stressful – or potentially stressful – situation, this will have severe consequences to your health in the long run.

Proper breathing at regular intervals ensures that your body is well-oxygenated. The ample delivery of oxygen throughout your body is a great aid to circulation and will keep your organs in good working order. Otherwise, you will find yourself feeling more rundown at the end of the day.



Here are a few tips for keeping your breathing in check:

  • Consider using a breathing app. Many online fitness trackers offer a mindfulness app built in. These applications feature a range of breathing exercises that run for five to ten minutes, doubling as a destress/detox program to relax weary individuals.



  • Take frequent breaks. Aside from using a mindfulness app, be sure to take at least two five-minute breaks every working hour to help you catch your breath.



  • Monitor your blood oxygen. Using a pulse oximeter or an app connected to your wearable fitness device will let you see how well-saturated oxygen is in your bloodstream. Be sure to stretch or take deep breaths to keep your blood oxygen levels up. However, if your blood oxygen drops below 90, do not hesitate to see a doctor.



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