Bringing Wellness Home

Investing in one’s health is more than just about money well spent, but it’s about staying healthy regardless of the circumstances with the Vital Dome

It is said that the best investments we can make are the investments we put into ourselves. For some, that could be paying for graduate education to get ahead in life; for others, it could be about spending on great clothes and cosmetics as a way of looking and feeling good.

But there is actually a much better way to invest in one’s health, and that is through the purchase of equipment or subscribing to long-term modalities that are meant to keep one healthy throughout the passage of time. There are those who will buy into subscription services that enable one to eat a healthy diet or gym memberships that will help them build a better physique – unfortunately, these are only good while the dietary service exists or while the gym stays open. In the context of today’s uncertain times when dietary services are hard-pressed to stay in business and gyms remain closed, putting one’s money into them may not exactly be the most prudent of decisions. 

What you do need, however, is an investment that will ensure optimal health and wellness for you and your family for the long run. For that, perhaps you should consider the Vital Dome.

Investing in the Vital Dome

Designed and manufactured in France, the Vital Dome’s key principle lies in the use of Far Infra-red Rays (FIRs) which have long been considered a natural way of improving one’s health.

FIRs stimulate and improve blood circulation as a way of supporting cardiovascular health. Better circulation means a better immune system as the performance of one’s white blood cells and T-cells against infection is improved. This further means that recovery for injured body tissues such as bones and muscles is also speeded up.

This is how the Vital Dome works: B-Carbon panels generate FIRs that penetrate the body to relax muscles, remove toxins, and reduce inflammation. As a result, one can almost immediately feel relaxed and refreshed after a session.

Experts have noted that the regular use of the Vital Dome helps in improving one’s immunity against illness as well as one’s overall athletic performance. Utilizing FIR technology, 40 minutes in the Vital Dome enables the body to expel dangerous toxins in order to boost one’s defense against harmful organisms and also promotes relaxation and rejuvenation, particularly for those who are stressed by the demands of modern living.

As such, it is more than just another piece of equipment you plug into your home, but an investment that you will keep benefiting from in the long haul.

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