Can FIRs Fight the Virus?

Even as scientists scramble to find a cure or, at the very least, a vaccine against COVID-19, British researchers are noting vital findings in the use of Far Infrared Rays against the virus

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we live and work. With so many people falling ill and hospitals racing against time and overcrowding to save lives, scientists across the globe are working 24/7 to find both a cure for the disease and a vaccine to prevent it in the future.

While most companies and facilities are going the pharmaceutical route in the search for a cure, British technology company IOBAC Ltd. is calling for scientists to look into the possible use of Far Infrared Rays (FIRs) in the fight against this insidious illness.

This follows on the heels of IOBAC’s recent investigation into the availability of scientific studies on the proven health benefits of FIRs, particularly on RNA viruses like COVID-19 and similar coronaviruses and rhinoviruses. Their research turned out a landmark preprint study from Chinese molecular biologists Li En-jing and Huang Wei-hong which was published in February of this year. Titled Instability of Nucleic Acids in Airborne Microorganisms under Far Infrared Radiation, the study delves into the effect of FIR radiation on airborne microorganisms, including disease-causing bacteria and viruses. 

IOBAC CEO Paul Woolvine, however, advises the public not to jump the gun just yet. “By no means are we saying that FIR is the silver bullet for fighting COVID-19,” he says. “But, as this preprint study suggests, its ability to act as a complementary therapy in the fight against airborne microorganisms can’t be ignored; it must warrant serious consideration.”

Used on a regular basis, FIRs have been noted to help boost one’s immunity against infections, helps reduce pain by reducing systemic inflammation, and promotes cellular regeneration for improved vitality and a more youthful appearance.

Even while we’re all waiting for the results of IOBAC’s study, you can already experience the benefits of FIRs through the Vital Dome. Regular 40-minute sessions go a long way into making you look better, feel better, and certainly live better even in these difficult times.

FIRs aid in weight loss by heating your core temperature to induce sweating. This provokes a reaction similar to what you would usually get following moderate exercise: increased blood flow and heart rate that help burn calories and fat in your body. This makes the Vital Dome a better way of losing weight as opposed to more traditional sauna sessions which only result in water loss and not burned fat.