Could You Be Suffering from Heavy Metal Exposure?

Air-borne contaminants are all around us – and we aren’t just talking about the viruses and microbes everyone has been worried about.


Industrial pollutants, the gaseous runoff emitted by factories and vehicles, don’t just contaminate the air around us, but they can also cause serious health issues over time.


Heavy metals, in particular, are a cause for concern. While some metals like copper, zinc, and iron are an integral part of our diets, other metal particulates in the air we breathe are not so friendly.



According to some environmental scientists, today’s air tends to be laced with arsenic, cadmium (which you may have been exposed to through the batteries in your mobile device or laptop), lead (which is usually found in cigarette smoke), and mercury. While small amounts are all right, a build-up in your body may lead to a variety of health issues, including digestive problems, respiratory illness, or – especially if you’ve been exposed to these metals over a long period of time – organ failure.


Who are at risk of heavy metal exposure?

The adverse effects of heavy metal exposure are usually felt by people who:

  • Work in heavy industry, particularly those involved in metal working or automotives;
  • Are doing construction or renovation as some paints may contain significant amounts of lead;
  • Eat fish caught in waters with a high concentration of mercury contamination;
  • Drink water into which toxic runoff has leached;
  • Eat with improperly plated or coated utensils; and
  • Take herbal supplements that may have been formulated with heavy metals.



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