How Do I Keep My Surroundings From Getting Too Toxic?

Toxicity is one of the issues that many people have to watch out for in these hyper vigilant days. But how does one keep the home safe from both chemical and biological contamination? Read on to learn more


One of the main challenges we have had to face during the pandemic is the need to protect ourselves against the onslaught of the COVID-19 virus, hence the way we have been wearing masks, shields, and other forms of protective gear.


But the virus isn’t the only thing we have to worry about. We should also be keeping an eye out against potential environmental contaminants in our surroundings. So how does one do this? Consider the following suggestions:



Any Kind of Smoke is a No-no

We all know the dangers that second-hand smoke poses to human (and even animal) health: all that tar, nicotine, and carcinogenic chemicals released in every puff are detrimental to respiratory health. But cigarettes and similar tobacco products aren’t the only culprits. Call out neighbors who insist on burning their garbage as opposed to disposing of it properly and motorists who refuse to get their vehicles checked for harmful emissions.



Store Household Chemicals Properly

While cleaning implements such as chlorine bleach and rubbing alcohol go a long way when it comes to destroying harmful microorganisms, it is best to store them away from your food and beverage containers and a long way from where children and pets can reach them. They may cause poisoning if ingested, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.



Dispose of Chemical Waste Properly

Alkaline batteries, empty bottles which held common household chemicals, and aerosol cans should be disposed of through the correct recycling bin in your communities or properly segregated from other household wastes.




To safeguard your health from common toxins, be sure to book a Vital Test to check. Utilizing Oligoscan technology, this non-invasive diagnostic tool helps check chemical and heavy metal levels in your body. Follow it up with a 40-minute detox session in the Vital Dome for best results.




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