How Do You Keep Your Lungs Healthy at a Time Like This?

One of the challenges during the pandemic is how to keep your lungs healthy and infection-free. Here are a few key pointers for optimal respiratory health at home


These days, you can never be too careful with the state of your health. Guidelines for masking against the more virulent variations of COVID-19 should be strictly followed, along with precautions such as social distancing and personal sanitation measures. But one of the key points in the war against the pandemic is all about keeping your respiratory system in good working order – and it is quite easy to safeguard your respiratory health at home.



  • A Smoke-free Home Makes an Ideal Environment If you smoke or live with a chronic smoker, we have only one thing to say: stop! It may be easier said than done, but nicotine residue in the lungs eventually leads to conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, geriatric asthma, and – worst of all – lung cancer. And it isn’t just traditional cigars and cigarettes that put your lungs in harm’s way: even electronic cigarettes and vape pipes can cause lung deterioration over time. Also, take into consideration non-smokers in your home, as secondhand smoke causes its own share of respiratory health issues.
  • Check For Airborne Allergens Conditions impacting the respiratory system such as asthma and allergic rhinitis which primarily affects the nose, sinuses, and throat are usually caused by allergens like airborne environmental debris in the form of dust, dust mites, pollen, and toxic emissions. Ensure that you keep your home clean and reduce the amount of toxins in the air by using cleaning compounds and detergents made with natural ingredients.
  • Consider Cardio Proper exercise in the form of brisk walking, treadmill work, running, and swimming all go a long way towards keeping your lungs healthy. Make sure to get between 20 to 30 minutes of active time a day to keep your respiratory system in proper working order.
  • Checkups are Mandatory Going in for your annual checkup even in these days when both doctors and patients need to suit up in PPEs to keep each other safe is still the best way to see if your respiratory health is still in a good condition. Along with the usual pass with a stethoscope to hear if there are any anomalies in your breathing patterns, getting a chest X-ray also helps as doctors can pinpoint any internal issues that may not be so obvious.
  • Your Immunity Matters Most of all, a boosted immunity is the best way by which to safeguard your respiratory health. Along with following the mandatory guidelines for self-protection against COVID-19, eating a balanced diet, getting ample sleep, having a regular exercise routine, and managing daily stresses will all help you breathe a little easier.



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