Infrared Technology in the Fight Against COVID-19

Did you know that scientists are currently looking into how far infrared and standard infrared technologies can best help in the ongoing struggle against the pandemic?



Infrared technology plays a key role in a new diagnostic tool that will enable hospital staff to determine just how severe a case of COVID-19 is, thus allowing doctors to select the best treatment method for incoming patients.


In a report published by the American Chemical Society’s journal Analytical Chemistry last July 21, a multinational team of medical professionals have developed a technique referred to as attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR) which will revolutionize the diagnostic process.



ATR-FITR measures changes that occur in the body’s blood biochemistry when attacked by the virus. According to the team’s findings, the infrared technology with a sensitivity rate of 94.1% is able to see the most minute differences in the blood of affected individuals.


This form of spectroscopy is expected to be instrumental in reducing the need to confine critical patients in intensive care through the early detection of potential severity, thus lessening the burden on healthcare systems.


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