It’s Tough When Things Get Toxic

When we say that we’re toxic, it usually means that we’ve been bogged down by the stresses and cares of everyday living. It’s usually a state of mind, but we should be aware that we may actually be physically toxic without knowing it.


Physical toxicity is more common – and more widespread – than you think. Most health issues stemming from an unhealthy way of living are actually amplified by everyday exposure to a variety of toxins. Consider the additives in processed food, for example: how sure are you that your body can stand artificial colorants and preservatives without adverse effects such as allergies or digestive issues? Even with masks and shields on, your daily commute exposes you to heavy metals dispersed through the air by automotive and industrial emissions.



In fact, according to the Bio Energy Medical Center in Ann Arbor, MI, the average human being is exposed to over 87,000 potentially toxic chemicals on any given day, with 3,000 of those in the food that we eat and 10,000 more in common items like household cleaners, plastics, and even cosmetics.


How does toxicity manifest in the body?

If you have chronic health issues such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, psoriasis, and eczema, your body is actually rebelling against a perceived overexposure to irritants in your environment.


Likewise, lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, rheumatic disorders, and hormonal irregularities may not directly be caused by everyday toxins, but these can be aggravated further by exposure or consumption.


But this begs the question: how do you know just how toxic you are? For that, Vital Dome Philippines is pleased to introduce a revolutionary diagnostic tool into the country: the Vital Test Oligoscan.



What is the Vital Test Oligoscan?

Created by scientists in Luxembourg, the Vital Test Oligoscan is a diagnostic device geared towards checking if you have trace amounts of noninvasive minerals and heavy metals in your body – substances that may cause long-term health issues if not removed from your system.


Using spectrophotometry technology, the Vital Test Oligoscan determines the level of your exposure, the amount of these substances in your body, and just how badly you’re being affected by oxidative stress.

Used in tandem with the Vital Dome, the Vital Test Oligoscan can help you purge your body of harmful chemicals and allow you to live a healthier, fuller life.



The Vital Test Oligoscan is slated to launch this month. To know more about it and how it works in tandem with the Vital Dome, call 0917-8203757.

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