July: Celebrating Nutrition for Everyone

In the Philippines, the month of July has been designated as National Nutrition Month as a way of promoting proper nutrition for all sectors of society.



This event has been commemorated since 1974 when, under Presidential Decree 471, the National Nutrition Council was mandated to create programs and structures emphasizing the importance of proper nutrition and nourishment in daily living.

But nearly 50 years since this mandate was set, improper nutrition still plagues the Filipino people. Lifestyle diseases resulting from an improper diet continue to affect a great part of the population. Also, there has been an alarming surge in eating disorders in girls and boys as young as twelve.

Likewise, today’s social media-savvy people tend to fall prey to one fad diet or another popularized by both local and international celebrities. In doing so, they risk their physical and mental health through either deprivation or excess consumption of certain foods “prescribed” under these diets without the guidance of a licensed nutritionist or dietitian.



We recommend the following tips to keep your nutrition in check:

  • Know all you can about a diet before following it You’ve heard it before: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Before caving into the seductive promise of weight loss or significantly improved health, do all the research behind a diet being promoted by a celebrity endorser. You know it isn’t real if you encounter the following red flags:
    • There is no clinical evidence provided regarding the efficacy of the diet and any related supplements;
    • It is not recognized by any official medical authority;
    • It promoted the intake of certain foods or the complete exclusion of others; or
    • It claims to promote weight loss within a given period.
  • Check with your medical professional If you’re concerned about obesity, lifestyle-driven diseases, and eating disorders, it’s best to consult with your physician to see what sort of diet works for you. If you’re a professional athlete or dancer, it helps to see a dietitian or nutritionist to sort out what your body needs in order to perform beautifully.

Balance is always key     Eating healthy means striking a proper balance among the food groups featured in your daily meals, as well as a lower intake of processed foods. Supplementation also helps in the case of those who have food sensitivities or need to follow specialized diets for certain health conditions.



Good nutrition also needs to be backed by modalities like the Vital Dome. The Far Infrared Rays (FIRs) generated within the Dome go a long way in improving your circulation, enabling nutrients to get into every part of your body.

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