The Case for Far Infrared Therapy

With all the stresses and health conditions currently affecting the world today, is there an alternative to pharmaceutical modalities for treatment? Far Infrared Ray (FIR) therapy may just be the answer to that.

We currently live in a world which cowers under the specter of COVID-19, but even before the pandemic struck, humanity has been gripped by a number of conditions which are the end-result of the way we have lived over the past two or three decades.

Interconnectivity and automation have led to more sedentary lifestyles for many people. Diets made up mostly of convenience foods that are loaded with sugar, salt, and preservatives have resulted in many people becoming unhealthily obese. Stressful work environments coupled with the detrimental effects of traffic and negative solution have also left many people exhausted, sluggish, and toxic.

Most physicians would suggest a slew of medications with which to fight all these negative factors, but there is actually one natural and non-invasive treatment that has been very successful in bringing many people back into a clean bill of health.

That treatment is referred to as Far Infrared Ray Therapy or FIR.

What’s FIR?

FIR therapy involves subjecting a person to infrared light in an enclosed space that is heated up to 60 degrees Celsius. Most people may assume that it’s like being in a sauna, but it isn’t. For one thing, the heat generated by the carbon panels in most FIR therapy rooms or machines is dry as opposed to humid like that of a conventional sauna. This makes it easier to breathe within the space and one actually feels more relaxed rather than tense.

The FIRs generated at a specific wavelength also penetrate deep into the skin, targeting muscles and connective tissue to reduce inflammation, encourage cell regeneration, and reduce toxicity to ensure improved health and faster recovery from injuries or illnesses.

The Benefits of FIRs

Regular FIR sessions can lead to substantial benefits in the following areas:

  • Cardiovascular health as FIRs increase the body’s production of nitric oxide, an active molecule that relaxes the arteries to prevent the potentially dangerous clotting of blood in the vessels. Likewise, FIR exposure also combats free radicals to minimize oxidative stress and keep blood pressure at normal levels;
  • Reduced pain and inflammation as improved circulation brings nutrition to injured joints or damaged tissues, ensuring faster healing and improvement; and
  • Detoxification through the removal of hazardous substances ingested through food, medication, or exposure to pollutants and contaminants. This leads to better skin, improved weight management, and better performance in physical activities.

Where can one experience FIRs?

Consider the Vital Dome for an optimal FIR experience. 40 minutes in this French-designed machine goes a long way in helping you look better and feel better, enabling you to live a fuller and healthier life.