Vital Dome Infratherapy machine launched in Okada Manila

Vital Dome, an advanced infra-therapy ecosystem machine that uses pure far infrared to regenerate the body from inside and out, was launched at the recent “Beauty and Vitality, Innovative Approach to Anti-Ageing” event held at Okada Manila.

Entrepreneur Katherine Alejar, CEO of i3 and Vital Dome’s exclusive distributor in the Philippines,  welcomed over 100 doctors specializing in the Aesthetics and Wellness industry.

“I am proud to have been part of this event which showcased Vital Dome’s innumerable benefits to one’s health. Vital Dome provides detoxification, oxygenation of tissues, reduction of edema, skin stimulation and weight loss.  After a few of sessions with the Vital Dome, skin becomes firmer, purified and revitalized. Damaged tissues due to stress are also regenerated and wrinkles are reduced,” Alejar said.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle.INQ.

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